January 27, 2020

Motorcycle FAQ's

This information is provided to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance. 

... these are general responses and coverage can vary depending on your insurance company and the state where you live. You should check with your insurance agent or your state insurance department to verify this information. You can find links to your state department of insurance by clicking this link:

Your S
tate Department of Insurance


If I have a claim, can I keep my damaged parts?

My claim settlement check is a two-party check issued to my lienholder and me. Why was it issued this way and how do I cash or deposit this check?

I have a motorcycle trailer. Is it covered?

If I let friends ride my motorcycle, are they covered if they cause an accident?

Is my motorcycle covered outside the continental United States?

Do I have coverage for my safety apparel?

Can I get a discount for taking a motorcycle safety class?

Will my alarm and/or immobilizer give me a discount?

Am I covered if I am injured by an uninsured driver?