January 18, 2022

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What is the occupancy rate for the past 12 months?
Do you hae hourly rates? Yes  No
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Do you have monthly rates? Yes  No
If yes above - what is the maximum length of stay permitted?
Do any guests consider the hotel tehir permanent residence? Yes  No
How many full time employees?
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What are the annual gross receipts?
What is the annual payroll?
Name of current insurance company
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Is there an automatic sprinkler system? Yes  No  Unknown
What percent of the building is sprinklered? Not applicable  90-100%  50-89%  Less than 50%  Unknown
Age of the sprinkler system? Not applicable
Less than 10 years
10-25 years
25-49 years
50 or more years
Type of sprinkler system: Not applicable
Life safety system
Full fire system
Was sprinkler system designed for current occupancy? Yes  No  Unknown
Is a subcontractor responsible for sprinkler system inspection, testing and maintenance? Yes  No  Unknown
How often is sprinkler system maintenance and inspection performed? Monthly  Quarterly  Semi-Annually  Annually  Unknown
Are sprinkler alarms installed? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - are they: Water flow  Valve closure  Unknown
Is there a Closed Circuit TV system? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - is it monitored 24 hours a day? Yes  No  Unknown
Are there any flammables, aerosols, propane or other chemicals stored on the premises? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - please describe
Are there any fireplaces? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - are they: Wood  Gas  Wood and Gas  Pellet Stove
Has there been any water damage in the past 3 years, including plumbing leaks? Yes  No  Unknown
Are facilities building systems, equipment maintenance and overall facilities inspections performed? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - when are they performed? Scheduled  As needed  Breakdown  Unknown
If any inspections are done, what areas are reviewed?
  How Often What is the year of last improvement or upgrade?
Common Areas
Emergency Lighting
Exit Signs
Please answer the following
  Total # of Units # of Bldgs at this location
Location 1
If any improvements or updates been done to the following - what year were they done?
  Wiring Roof Plumbing Heating & A/C
Location 1
Is there is a restaurant or bar? Yes  No
If yes above - is it operated by you or leased to another entity? Operated by you  Leased to another entity
Check all of the following drink specials that may apply: Happy Hour  2 for 1  Dancing  Live Entertainment  None of the above  Unknown
What are the annual receipts from the restaurant?
What are the annual liquor/alcohol receipts?
Do you provide valet parking or shuttle service? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above is it handled by your employees? Yes  No
Do you have any activities sponsored by the hotel/motel for guests? Yes  No
If yes above - please describe:
Are firearms/weapons kept on premises? Yes  No  Unknown
Is there any security staff on the premises? Yes  No
If yes - are they: Employees  Contractors  Unknown
If yes - are they: Armed  Unarmed  Unknown
Are independent contractors hired to perfom maintenance, repair or other construction work? Yes  No
There is a standard written contract between the hotel/motel and the contractor Yes  No  Unknown
The contract requires the contractor to name the business as an additional insured for both operations and completed operations. Yes  No  Unkown
The contractor agrees to hold the hotel/motel harmless. Yes  No  Unknown
The contractor provides a certificate of insurance with proof that the contractor has workers compensation and General Liability insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000. Yes  No  Unknown
Is there a parking garage? Yes  No
If yes to above - is the garage: Above ground  Below ground
Do tubs and showers have non-slip surfaces? Yes  No
Do tubs and showers have grab bars? Yes  No
Do guest rooms have peepholes? Yes  No
Is there a hotel safe? Yes  No
Does the hotel manager/owner live on the premises? Yes  No
Are there any unuseable or unrentable rooms? Yes  No
If yes above - how many rooms and why?
What type of security measures are in place - check all that apply: Closed Circuit TV
Security Patrols
Police Patrols
Are all doors except the main entrance locked to outsiders at night? Yes  No
Is there an evacuation plan? Yes  No  Unknown
Are there at least 2 emergency exits in the building? Yes  No  Unknown
Are there at least 2 enclosed sraiwells in the building? Yes  No  Unknown
Is there emergency lighting in the building? Yes  No  Unknown
How is smoke/fire detected? Check all that apply: Battery operated smoke detectors in all units
Manual pull station
Hard wire smoke detectors in hallways & common areas
Central station alarm
Connected to annuciator panel
Local alarm
If the area is subject to snow and ice accumulation, is the occupant responsible for snow and ice removal? Not applicable  Yes  No  Unknown
What are the snow and ice removal proceedures? Contracted with a local contractor
Maintenance staff
Nothing formal
Does th building have self-closing doors? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - are they in the: Hallways  Individual units  Both  Unkown
Does the hotel use an electronic access system using cards rather than keys? Yes  No  Unknown
Is there a playground? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - what year was it installed?
Is there any exercise equipment? Yes  No  Unknown
What type of exercise equipment? Check all that apply: Free weights
Elliptical trainer
Weight machine(s)
Stair climbing machine(s)
Staionary bike(s)
Rowing machine(s)
Is exercise equipment also open to non-hotel guests? Yes  No  Unknown
If you have a swimming pool, hot tub or sauna, please complete this section
Do you have any of the following - please check all that apply: Swimming pool  Hot tub/Jacuzzi  Suana  Lake  Pond
If yes above - please check all that apply: Lifeguard on premises
Indoor pool/hot tub
Outdoor pool/hot tub
If outdoor - is it fully fenced
Fence has a child proof latch
Diving board
Depth markers
Rules posted
Pool has an anti-vortex drain
Corded off swimming area
If you have a hot tub/Jacuzzi - do you have signage limiting the time to 30 minutes and warning labels? Yes  No
If you have a Sauna - do you have signage limiting the time to 30 minutes and warning labels? Yes  No
If any cooking is done, please complete this section
Is there any cooking on premises? Yes  No  Unknown
Are all hoods, ducts, grease filters and surface cooking equipm,ent (including deep fat fryers) protected by a UL listed automatic fire suppression system? Yes  No  Unknown
Is there a service/maintenance agrement in place for the protective systems? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - name of the firm:
Is the fire suppression system professionally inspected and serviced at least every six months? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - date last serviced?
How often are exhaust systems, hoods and ducts cleaned? Quarterly  Semi-Annually  Annually  Unknown
How often are filters cleaned? Weekly  Bi-weekly  Monthly  Unkonwn
Does the system automatically shut-off all sources of fuel and heat to equipment protected by the suppression system (including electrically heated deep fat fryers)? Yes  No  Unknown
Does the system have a manual pull fuel shut-off valve readily accesible? Yes  No  Unknown
If yes above - Is there a 16 inch separator between fryers and adjacent cooking appliances and/or equipment? Yes  No  Unknown
Is there a deep fat fryer? Yes  No  Unknown
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