June 20, 2019

Automobile FAQ's

This information is provided to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about automobile insurance. 

... these are general responses and coverage can vary depending on your insurance company and the state where you live. You should check with your insurance agent or your state insurance department to verify this information. You can find links to your state department of insurance by clicking this link:

Your S
tate Department of Insurance


May I keep my auto if I have a collision, limited collision or comprehensive claim and my insurance company declares it a total loss?

Can the insurance company pay me less than Blue Book for my totaled vehicle?

I am about to add a teen driver to my policy. How much will my rate go up?

Would it be cheaper for a teen to get his or her own policy?

When I add a teen driver, how can I save money?

What should be included in the amount the company pays me for my totaled car?

The adjuster recommended a specific body shop. Can I use a different shop?

Who pays for the rental car while my car is in the body shop?

I had a new CD player installed in my car. Am I covered?

I got $500 to replace my stereo. Can I use the money for something else?

My son has left home for college. Do I still have to include him on my policy?

I've had 2 accidents that were not my fault. Can the company raise my premium?

Sometimes I let a friend drive my car. Is she covered by my policy?

The insurance company put the bank's name on the check for fixing my car. Why?

An uninsured driver demolished my car. Who pays?

I've been sued by the other driver. Will my policy cover that?